I have just become a patient of Dr. Scarlett’s. After years of debilitating pain in my lumbar region that causes radiating pain down my legs, standing, walking and sleeping have become problematic. Following my first visit with Dr. Scarlett, the radiating pain was immediately eliminated which has lessened my pain level significantly. After two treatments I also feel a calmness and level of relaxation I have not previously experienced. Dr. Scarlett administers her treatment with great empathy, communication and understanding that very quickly puts one at ease. I look forward to seeing Dr. Scarlett each time and consider her treatment a very positive life choice.

~ Donald M.


The Radiating Pain was Immediately Eliminated

I first started going to Dr. Scarlett for fertility concerns. After that was no longer a concern, I continued treatments for chronic pain that has been around my left scapula for almost 7 years.

It was getting to a point where the area would go numb from my scapula, down my back and my upper arm. In less than 10 sessions, we have been able to completely get rid of the pain.

After 7 years, I am finally pain free in that area. There is no tingling or numbness. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me, Red Lotus Wellness has truly been a place for me to fully restore my sense of wellness.

~ Brianna W.

Fertility Concerns

From my first call to my last visit, Dr. Scarlett has been incredible! She provides an unmatched level of care for me at each visit. I have been a regular patient for about a year now, and look forward to the relaxing and tranquil experience I have at each appointment, starting with the warm welcome I receive from Jane. I am primarily treated for my lower back and neck pain (I’m only 31). I have experienced a noticeable decrease in my back pain and mood when I have acupuncture routinely.

Dr. Scarlett is so passionate about her practice it’s contagious. She takes her time to address my concerns, or questions, and educate me about my body and treatment.. Her confidence gives me a sense of ease during my treatments which is important because as you know it involves various needles from head to toes!

After working with Dr. Scarlett I truly believe the effects and essentialness of acupuncture and its connection to optimal health. Like massages, I believe acupuncture should be a regular form of self-care for all. I recommend Dr. Scarlett 1000 times over! You will not be disappointed!

~ Stacey A

I recommend Dr. Scarlett 1000 times over!

I sought out acupuncture in hopes to find relief from my extreme sleeplessness and nighttime hot flashes due to menopause. I found Dr. Scarlett in my medical insurance network as a preferred provider and I am so happy I did.    My treatment consisted of a 12-week protocol that included weekly acupuncture treatments and two rounds of Chinese herbs.

My insurance did not cover my therapy as they only cover certain diagnoses but the relief I found from these treatments was well worth the out-of-pocket cost. Dr. Scarlet and her acupuncture treatments have me living my best life. I am back to sleeping well and my hot flashes are gone.
~ Laura W.
Relief For Insomnia and Hot Flashes